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Calendar is subjected to change. Viveza frequently updates the calendar as events come in and/or cancelled. Please check our website or social media for any last min updates.

Salsa Sundays

Join Viveza for a progressive Salsa On2 class every Sunday (check out our calendar for canceled classes). With detailed instructions from our very own instructors Pedro and Sabrina, Viveza can help you reach the next level. Whether you are a beginner trying to learn your basics or an Int/Adv dancer looking for a challenge, we got you covered. We teach New York Style salsa, also known as Mambo and/or Salsa On2 timing. Every month Viveza focuses on a technical breakdown of one specific move to master for the month, we call this the “Move Of The Month”.


Bodega Wednesday

Free lesson (8PM-9PM) every week at Bodega with Viveza Dance Company! We rotate a Salsa on1 & Bachata lesson every other week to give you opportunity to learn a range of Latin dancing styles. Social dancing until MIDNIGHT. Come thru every Wednesday! (Make sure to check our calendar for any cancellations). Ages 21+ only after 9PM.


The Duce Thurdays

Come party it up at the Duce on Thursday nights! Rotating beginner-friendly Salsa on2 & Bachata classes (switches every other week) as well as rotating instructors from Viveza Dance Company and Stilo Dance Company. Follow “Latin Night at the Duce” on social media to check for cancellations. Our calendar only reflects when Viveza is teaching.

Lesson: 8PM-9PM / Social Dancing till MIDNIGHT
$10 for lesson / $7 for social only / $5 with student ID
Age 21+ ONLY


Mijanas Friday

Join Mijanas every week for two simultaneous Salsa On1 lesson from 9:30PM-9PM. Offering one class for Beginners and the other for Int/Adv dancers. Mijanas rotates instructors weekly to give you an opportunity to learn from many different instructors. Social dancing until 2AM. Come thru every Friday! (Make sure to check our calendar to see when Viveza is teaching). Ages 21+ only.


Cha Cha Footwork Workshop

Join Viveza for our long awaited Cha-Cha Workshop! We have been looking forward to this for months and we are so excited to share some cha-cha fundamentals along with a groovy and fun cha-cha Shine!

The origins of cha-cha are very similar to Salsa. They both originated in Cuba and became popular in the 1950s— and very soon after made it to the States. If you have taken any Salsa On2 classes, you will see familiarity in the steps as well as the music. The counts for cha-cha are 1-2-3, 4 AND 5 (cha-cha-cha) 6-7, 8 AND 1 (cha-cha-cha) 2-3, etc. You can think of cha-cha as a slower salsa with added syncopated steps.

In our workshop, we will break down the fundamentals of cha-cha but will progress from beginner to int/adv during the shine. Knowing your Salsa On2 foundations will be beneficial for this workshop since both dances have overlapping foundations. See you there!

Pre-pay to get our “Early bird” discount (only valid until Friday Oct. 6th at 11:59PM).
Pre-pay price $15 (Venmo option ONLY) / DAY OF price $20

DAY OF payment methods:
⁃ Venmo
⁃ Zelle
⁃ Cash
⁃ Credit Card (in-person, 5% card fee applied)